• It is our goal to provide potential tenants with our property owners and property owners listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). It is therefore required that we provide current and up to date credit and employment information to allow property owners to make informed choices on whom they will rent their properties too.

    This payment does not guarantee that your rental application will be accepted or that you will get your first choice of rental. Further, this payment is non-refundable.

    This report will have the following reports generated for the owner(s)

    1. Registry Check (Landlord/Tenant court records)
    2. Credit Report with Trans Union
    3. AppAlert (Terrorists and Fugitives)
    4. Collection Alert
    5. Experian Social Search (SSN)

    It is with your consent by signing this document that you authorize TURNING POINT CAPITAL, LLC. or its Agents on behalf the Owner of the property to obtain the above mention reports. In today’s market, Landlords will not rent unless they have this information. I have hereby given permission to Turning Point Capital, LLC to run those reports so that the Management and or Owners can make an informed decision about me renting their property. I understand that subsequent reports may be obtained and utilized under this authorization in connection with an update, renewal, extension or collection with respect or in connection with the rental lease of a residence, which this application was made. I hereby expressly release Turning Point Capital, LLC. and Companies, or its Agents, and any procurer or furnisher of information from any liability what-so-ever in the use, procurement, or furnishing of such information and understand that my application information may be provided to various local, state and/or federal government agencies including without limitation, various law enforcement agencies I also agree that at the signing of this application, my move-in date, if approved by management, is final and I will be responsible for rent beginning on that specified date. All agreements to: make any changes to the apartment/home, do additional repairs or upgrades, or to credit my account for any reason must be placed in writing and signed by myself and an authorized representative from Turning Point Capital, LLC. “Verbal agreements will not be honored”. You will furnish information that is in the rental application as part of the package to investigate the above reports. If you intend to rent within 30 days of the application then Turning Point Capital, LLC. will ask along with the application fee, to submit an amount equal to one (1) month’s rent. This application deposit is made in consideration of Turning Point Capital, LLC. taking the prospective leased premises off the rental market and preparing the premises for my occupancy on or before my contracted move-in date. Accordingly, if I do not take occupancy of the premises after signing this application, I understand that I forfeit my Application Deposit. If Turning Point Capital, LLC. denies my application, the application deposit will be refunded.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation as we make every best effort to assist you in your search for a quality rental